Oberhasli Currently Owned
Bucks: White Rock Farm Dapper Dan
Am. does: CH White Rock Farm Ilene
Exp Does: Misty-Springs Harley Valentina, White Rock Farm D Valerica, Seraiah Farms' Maddi

Oberhasli Does

Misty-Springs Harley Valentina
DOB 5/31/11; 75% Oberhasli, 25% Alpine; Light bay with black markings
Extended Pedigree

         SS: CH Dotty's Dairy Air Hot Rod *B
Sire: Brackett's Sunburst Harley *B
         SD: SGCH Cream-Of-Kansas' TD Sindesis 1*M

         DS: Walnut-Fork CM Katoctin *B
Dam: Misty-Springs Velveteen Rabbit
         DD: Blue-Ridge Royal Velvet

Valentina was a small yearling when we brought her in primarily for the Mini program. Her small size was apparently just a phase and not genetic, however- while she is not a large doe, she is well over breed minimum and her two-year-old Ober daughter is certainly not lacking in size. All Valentina wants in life is to be a dairy animal- she loves routine even more than any of our other goats, and is the hardest doe to dry up (she just won't quit producing). Not a very pretty doe- she excels in dairy strength and has a very high rear udder, but is just too high of a producer to ever look great otherwise.

CH White Rock Farm Ilene
DOB 5/24/12; American Oberhasli; Medium bay with correct black markings
Extended Pedigree

         SS: Homeland Dairy AR Thorn
Sire: Rachelsie Despereaux
         SD: GCH Flyo-Farms Anisette 3*M

         DS: Welbian-Farm's Hot Stuff
Dam: White Rock Farm Isabelle
         DD: White Rock Farm Ebony

  Idea with the Isabelle/Despereaux breeding was to add some height and levelness to the Penny line. Width and depth has always been there; time to stretch it out. So far, so good. Ilene is a very long, tall, stylish doe, very sharp and angular. Level top we've come to appreciate from her sire's side. Not the extreme depth we're used to, but that will come more as she matures. We kept her twin brother around to breed a couple does in 2012 and love the results.
  Ilene managed to get stuck in a tree early in 2013, injuring a front leg, and the other leg started to grow a bit different to compensate. As a result, she now has a few white hairs from where the cuts were on one leg, and toes out just slightly on the other. After mostly recovering, she hit the last couple shows of the season, winning her breed in the MDGA Youth Show (unfortunately only one other Ober) and handily winning her class at the State Fair. Fortunately she also had a pretty major growth spurt over the summer; started out a big kid, then plateaued over the winter. Towered over the other Obers her age by August.
  Freshened in May just before she turned 2. LOVE that udder. Just plastered on there, lots of area of attachment. She is still most often the tallest, longest 2yo Ober in the ring. Was planning to keep her out of the show ring until she filled out more in a year or two, but she's gone to a couple shows mostly for numbers and has competed very well.
   As expected, Ilene filled out nicely for her 3yo year, with more body capacity and more rear udder. She freshened in mid June, and swept all 3 rings of the MDGA June doe show only about ten days later to start and finish her championship in one shot!
1X 3rd
2013: 2X 1st
2014: 3X 1st, 1X 3rd
2015: 3X 1st, 3X GCH (finished!)

White Rock Farm D Valerica
DOB 4/11/13; 88% Oberhasli, 12% Alpine; Medium bay with black markings
Extended Pedigree

         SS: Rachelsie Despereaux
Sire: White Rock Farm Damion
         SD: White Rock Farm Isabelle

         DS: Brackett's Sunburst Harley *B
Dam: Misty-Springs Harley Valentina
         DD: Misty-Springs Velveteen Rabbit

   Her sire was twin to CH Ilene. Valerica is much improved over her dam, with greater area of attachment (that fore udder seems typical of Isabelle and her descendants so far) and greater rear udder arch. One of the highest rear udders I've seen on any of my does. Would like closer teat placement. Not bad general appearance- shoulders a bit heavy, feet not the greatest, but very level top. Sharp, open, deep & wide. Freshened at age 2 and looked great, but missed out on show season- with these multi-ring shows, if you're showing alone, bringing 3 breeds is really impossible, so only Apricot and Ilene were shown (and finished- so Valerica should get the spotlight in 2016).

Seraiah Farms' Maddi
DOB May 2014; 88% Oberhasli, 12% Toggenburg; Medium bay with black markings
Extended Pedigree

         SS: Cream-Of-Kansas' ARC Voyager
Sire: Seraiah Farms' DV Priapos
         SD: CH Here&There LHT Diadyvonisis

         DS: Cream-Of-Kansas' D-Long Haul
Dam: Seraiah Farms' TLH Addi
         DD: Woodlan-Acres PQ Trickle

I'm a sucker for Ober grades. When we won the $250 kid gift certificate from Seraiah Farms in support of the 2016 Nationals in Harrisburg, this breeding really intrigued me. So far, Maddi is really tall and extremely dairy. Can't wait to watch her develop.

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