Nigerian Dwarfs Currently Owned
Bucks:Enchanted Hill Butterscotch, Star Ridge Farm Hazardous Bow, Enchanted Hill Johnny Jersey, J-Nels L Sir Lancelot
Does:Avolino Farm ARM Kyrie Eleison, Enchanted Hill Tabitha, Mini Miracles Angel, White Rock Farm Tala, White Rock Farm Tessa, Taste and See Harriet B Stowe, White Rock Farm Apricot, White Rock Farm B Tempest

Nigerian Dwarf Does

Avolino Farm ARM Kyrie Eleison
DOB 6/15/08; Purebred Nigerian Dwarf; White with random black markings
Extended Pedigree
         SS: MCH/PGCH Goodwood X Ray +*S 'E' ('99 AGS Nat'l GCH buck)
Sire: Green Gate Armageddon ('06 AGS Nat'l RGCH buck)
         SD: Briar Hill Morning Glory

         DS: Caesar's Villa FZ First Rate +*S 'VG'
Dam: Sugar Creek FR Wisteria Lane
         DD: ARMCH/CH Sugar Creek NT Tea Rose *D 1*M 'E'

   Kyrie is an extremely powerful, high-producing doe. She doesn't have the length of bone and dairy character desired in the show ring, but her kids have been much better in this area (one of her daughters is the black & white kid in the far right of this page's header image). Kyrie's lactation curve has an early peak at 8 lbs a day, followed by relatively a sharp drop. She raised quadruplet buck kids by herself this year. Excellent definition of medial suspensory ligament, and great teat placement for a Dwarf. Otherwise, not much of a show doe, but her kids are great as young stock. Haven't yet seen one fresh- hoping for higher rear udder attachments and tighter foreudders.

Enchanted Hill Tabitha
DOB 4/6/09; Purebred Nigerian Dwarf; Chocolate cou clair
Extended Pedigree

         SS: MCH Enchanted Hill Haiku
Sire: Enchanted Hill Woodrat
         SD: Enchanted Hill Field Mouse

         DS: Little Tot's Estate Joe-Pye
Dam: Enchanted Hill O'Seven
         DD: Enchanted Hill Laughing Loon

   Tabitha is a very small doe. She is quite dairy and correct in general appearance, with a high, wide rear udder to boot.
Progeny retained: Tala
Reference progeny: Trouble

Mini Miracles Angel
DOB 4/28/10; Purebred Nigerian Dwarf; White
Extended Pedigree
         SS: NC PromisedLand SIA Samurai
Sire: Tiny Town Bucky
         SD: Tiny Town Blue Bayou

         DS: NC PromisedLand S Mel Gibson
Dam: NC PromisedLand Honey "B"
         DD: NC PromisedLand HS Bizzie
   Angel is a strong package of udder genetics well known in the Nigerian world and I'm looking forward to seeing how well she lives up to them. She has a particularly well-attached udder and was Best Udder in her large class of two-year-olds at the state fair in 2012. She's always in the same class as her best friend, Joy, and they trade places regularly.
Progeny retained: Apricot
1X 1st, 1X 2nd, 2X 3rd, 1X RGCH
2013: 1X 1st, 1X 3rd, 1X RGCH

White Rock Farm JJ Tala
DOB April 2011; Purebred Nigerian Dwarf; Chocolate cou clair
Extended Pedigree
         SS: Enchanted Hill JP Toby
Sire: Enchanted Hill Johnny Jersey
         SD: Enchanted Hill Holly Holstein

         DS: Enchanted Hill Woodrat
Dam: Enchanted Hill Tabitha
         DD: Enchanted Hill O'Seven
   "Tala" is some sort of translation of "stalking wolf." When she was a kid, Tala would leave the rest of the herd to peek in the house windows and even attempt opening the side door (typically through unsuccessful body slams). If let inside, she would search the house and always managed to find me. In terms of genetic value, she is an extremely solid young doe. I like the degree of body capacity she's always shown, and this is well balanced with a moderately long bone structure, and great feet & legs. Front end assembly is pretty good as well, though she tends to move a bit funny with one shoulder.
1X 1st, 1X 3rd
2013: 1X 1st, 2X 3rd, 1X GCH (official leg)

White Rock Farm JJ Tessa
DOB May 2011; Purebred Nigerian Dwarf; Broken cou clair, blue eyes
Extended Pedigree

         SS: Enchanted Hill JP Toby
Sire: Enchanted Hill Johnny Jersey
         SD: Enchanted Hill Holly Holstein

         DS: Star Ridge Farm Hazardous Bow
Dam: White Rock Farm Tatiana
         DD: White Rock Farm D's Toffee

   Tessa's build is similar to that of an Alpine, and she's very promising and stylish indeed. Unfortunately Tessa suffered a leg injury as a kid which keeps her out of the show ring (and from growing to potential), but she hangs around as a brood doe.
Progeny retained: Tempest

Taste and See Harriet B Stowe
DOB 6/5/11; Purebred Nigerian Dwarf; black with random white spotting, blue eyes
Extended Pedigree in progress

         SS: Lost Valley TB Boones *S
Sire: Springs Run BNS Cody
         SD: Old Mountain Farm Bridget

         DS: Taste and See Henry Gilmour
Dam: Taste and See Civilla Martin
         DD: Taste and See Eliza Hewitt

CH White Rock Farm Apricot
DOB 5/30/13; Purebred Nigerian Dwarf; gold
Extended Pedigree
         SS: Enchanted Hill Ogden Nash
Sire: Enchanted Hill Butterscotch
         SD: Hollyhock Farm Violet

         DS: Tiny Town Bucky
Dam: Mini Miracles Angel
         DD: NC Promised Land Honey "B"

   This kid thinks she's a puppy and spent the majority of her time in the house as a kid. She should eventually be a powerhouse doe with lots of body capacity & milk production. A definite improvement over her dam- stronger in the chine, tracks straighter, more width between the hocks. Very competitive at state fair, but the youngest kid there.
  Didn't take long as a yearling to get her dry leg, at VSDGA in the first ring. Scratched for the second since there were plenty without her. The next day there weren't enough Dwarf juniors with or without her so we kept her in- won the breed again, then went Best in Show!
  Freshened with a really pretty udder, other than wider teat placement than really anyone would like (dam was the same way- not as much a MSL issue as just not great teat placement). Beautiful balance- 1/3 behind leg, 1/3 under leg, 1/3 in front. Lots of capacity, especially for a 2yo. General appearance is exactly as great as I'd hoped for. Lots of body capacity. Really can only criticize that she *could* be sharper and she *could* have closer teat placement, slightly higher rear udder, but I'm very pleased with how she turned out.
1X 1st
2014: 2X 1st, 2X 2nd, 2X JrGCH (one official leg), 1X BIS, 7th at Nationals
2015: 4X 1st, 1X 2nd, 1X 3rd, 3X GCH (Finished!), 1X RGCH

White Rock Farm B Tempest
DOB 6/28/13; Purebred Nigerian Dwarf; broken cou clair, blue eyes
Extended Pedigree

         SS: UdderlyPrecious Don Juan
Sire: Star Ridge Farm Hazardous Bow
         SD: UdderlyPrecious TBB Faith

         DS: Enchanted Hill Johnny Jersey
Dam: White Rock Farm JJ Tessa
         DD: White Rock Farm Tatiana

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