White Rock Farm - Mini-LaMancha & Mini-Oberhasli Dairy Goats


Mini-LaMancha Does - Mini-Oberhasli Does

The miniature dairy goat industry is growing, and being in such a remote location from most of the Mini breeders, we worked for a few years to help meet the demand on the east coast starting in 2005. Our focus is on production and quality udders, followed by body type and breed character. This is part of why many of our Minis are not 50/50 standard/Nigerian. We are trying to work in all of our best standard and Nigerian lines; it took us 6 years to get our first kid of American registration status and there will be many more first-generation kids.

While the focus has shifted away from the Minis and we're phasing out, a few favorites will stay and continue to be the main year-around dairy animals due to their ease of milking. They will occasionally have kids available.

Miniatures Currently Owned
Mini-LaMancha Does: White Rock Farm Gracie's Hope, White Rock Farm BN Erin
Mini-Oberhasli Does: Pun Kids Farm Doe B Wan

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