Bucks Currently Owned:
Oberhasli:White Rock Farm Dapper Dan
Nigerian:Enchanted Hill Butterscotch, Star Ridge Farm Hazardous Bow, Enchanted Hill Johnny Jersey,J-Nels L Sir Lancelot
Mini-Mancha: White Rock Farm Bad News, Enchanted Hill Famous Amos, White Rock Farm Bradley
Mini-Ober: Pun Kids Farm Doomsday

Due to biosecurity concerns, we are no longer offering boarding services. We do, however, allow "driveway breedings" with proof of negative CAE and Johne's test results. You email us ahead of time, call when your doe is in heat, and bring her over for a quick visit. The success of this method is dependent upon your ability to tell when your doe is in heat, and our availability on that particular day. Fees vary by year and by buck; some bucks aren't available at all for outside use.

White Rock Farm Dapper Dan
DOB 5/13/14; American Oberhasli; medium bay with correct black markings
Extended Pedigree
         SS: Blue-Ridge Titus
Sire: Blue-Ridge Royal Dandy
         SD: CH Blue-Ridge Her Xcellency

         DS: Rachelsie Despereaux
Dam: White Rock Farm Ilene
         DD: White Rock Farm Isabelle

Enchanted Hill Butterscotch
DOB 4/20/06; Purebred Nigerian Dwarf; Cou clair with white splashes and face markings
Extended Pedigree
         SS: MCH Enchanted Hill Haiku
Sire: Enchanted Hill Ogden Nash
         SD: Enchanted Hill Field Mouse

         DS: Springs Run Pim’s Thistle
Dam: Hollyhock Farm Violet
         DD: Enchanted Hill Laughing Loon

  Butterscotch has excellent body capacity, feet and legs, and rump width. One of his buck kids was Jr. Champion Nigerian in 2 of the 3 rings at the Delmarva Buck Exposition, and came very close to being Reserve Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf in one of them; the same kid won 1st 4 of the 5 times shown. An old favorite, Buttercotch is often our go-to buck with new goats because we know what we'll get.
Butterscotch's kids show improved smoothness throughout, depth of body, spring-of-rib, levelness over the topline, correctness in feet and legs, and heigth and width into the escutcheon.
Progeny Retained: Hope, Zelda, Apricot
Progeny Archives: Patrick, Euphrates, Snickerdoodle, Toffee
2007: 4X 2nd
AGS Nat'ls- 6th ND Specialty
2008: 1X 1st, 3X 2nd
2013: 4X 2nd

Star Ridge Farm Hazardous Bow
DOB 3/17/07; Purebred Nigerian Dwarf; Broken chamoise w/blue eyes
Extended Pedigree
         SS: UdderlyPrecious Abraham
Sire: UdderlyPrecious Don Juan
         SD: Blue Moon Acres LR Jewel

         DS: His Cornerstone Texas Bad Boy
Dam: UdderlyPrecious TBB Faith
         DD: PromisedLand Abishag
   Bow is a very correct, striking buck. He has a very tight shoulder assembly, excellent width throughout especially in the chest and between the rear legs, good angularity, and correct feet and legs. He earned an AGS leg this May. About 60% of his kids have blue eyes, and all are showing the same width and rear leg set as him.
Progeny retained: Tempest
Progeny archives: Baron, Ella, Nutmeg, Blizzard, Tatiana, Megan
2008: 2X 1st, 1X 2nd, 1X GCH & BOB (official leg)

Enchanted Hill Johnny Jersey
DOB 3/5/09; Purebred Nigerian Dwarf; chocolate cou clair
Extended Pedigree
         SS: Little-Tot's Estate Joe-Pye
Sire: Enchanted Hill JP Toby
         SD: Enchanted Hill Mermaid

         DS: Enchanted Hill Jombes Noires
Dam: Enchanted Hill Holly Holstien
         DD: Enchanted Hill Clair de Lune

Johnny has been used as our udder buck, consistantly producing higher, wider rear udders and longer fore udders. Kids also are flatter boned and more angular, also with more levelness from thurl to thurl.
Progeny Retained: Tala, Tessa
Progeny Archives: Joule, Melody Joy
1X 1st, 2X 2nd, 1X 3rd, 1X RGCH

J-Nels L Sir Lancelot
DOB 5/17/14; Purebred Nigerian Dwarf; Buckskin, white side splashes
Extended Pedigree
         SS: Rosasharn BB Son of Honey *B
Sire: Rosasharn SH Legend *B
         SD: GCH Rosasharn P. Haiku 4*M ('10 ADGA Nat'l GCH)

         DS: Little Tots Estate Mo Origanum
Dam: GCH J-Nels O Buttercup 2*M
         DD: GCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 1*M ('11 ADGA Nat'l RGCH)

  When I started looking for a new buck, I was initially overwhelmed by all the options. Across the board at the time, the weakest area in my does was feet. Sure, you could always have higher, wider rear udders, closer teat placement, things of that nature, but any doe first or second in her class at Nationals won't be bad in those areas- but instead of just trying for "more," I want to get the fundamentals right first. Few breeders even discuss feet on their website because generally there are bigger fish to fry, so you've got to go with the LA data.
  Long story short, I looked at EVERY doe that had been first or second in her class at ANY ADGA Nationals, looked at LA info (PTAFS, feet, medial, teat placement, category ratings, and final score), and ranked 1-10. Only 3 of the 33 does were given an 'E' in feet, and 2 of those were from the J-Nels herd. Nearly a year later, we brought this guy home. Could not be more excited for what he brings to the table.

Enchanted Hill Famous Amos
DOB 4/9/13; 3rd gen. Mini-LaMancha; Broken buckskin, gopher ears
Extended Pedigree

         SS: Sweetbrier Ridge Captain Morgan
Sire: Glimmercroft Last Chance to Shine
         SD: Glimmercroft Shine

         DS: Enchanted Hill Loumar
Dam: Enchanted Hill Lorna Doone
         DD: Enchanted Hill Oreo

  Very excited to have this guy. One of the limiting factors in the development of Mini dairy goats on the East Coast has been getting goats of advanced generations; it's gotten easier now that we're not the only Mini-Mancha breeders over here, but outcrossing once you reach American has been next to impossible. Famous Amos is only distantly related to our goats, through the Dwarfs on his dam's side and through Butterscotch. He's our first buck of American status, with the potential to produce our first 4th generation kids. Expect him to be around for a long time.

White Rock Farm Bradley
DOB 4/24/13; 2nd gen. Mini-LaMancha; Tan w/gopher ears
Extended Pedigree

         SS: White Rock Farm Banana Nut
Sire: White Rock Farm Bad News
         SD: White Rock Farm M Trouble

         DS: Star Ridge Farm Hazardous Bow
Dam: White Rock Farm B Megan
         DD: White Rock Farm Mindy

  As Megan was leaving and we had no daughters from that dam line, we decided to keep Bradley. Megan had the widest rear udder attachment in the herd, and the best feet & legs. That combined with Trouble should make this guy a capacity buck.
1X 1st, 1X GCH (official leg)

Pun Kids Farm Doomsday
1st gen. Mini-Oberhasli; Black, blue eyes
Extended Pedigree

         SS: Happy Goat Luckys Buster Brown
Sire: Country Daze Farm Zagnut
         SD: Country Daze Farm Rose

         DS: Welbian-Farm's Hot Stuff
Dam: Blue-Ridge Royal Zarina
         DD: CH Blue-Ridge Her Xcellency

  Very familiar Oberhasli lines, but enough difference otherwise to be somewhat of an outcross with Maddie and her daughters.

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