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We usually have a variety of animals for sale and offer multiple animal discounts for group purchases- other than the standard 10% discount for multiple goats, prices are what they are. If you see anything you're interested in, just e-mail us, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Once you have picked an animal, we will put "Sale Pending" on the website until it is paid for and picked up. Deposits are accepted and always a good idea- it just lets us know you're serious and helps us hold the animals for you. A typical deposit is $50. (In the case if reserving kids, we need a deposit before you can officially have a reservation.)

Dairy goats:
Several factors have led to the decision to get out of Nigerians and "phase out" the Mini-Manchas, Mini-Obers, and LaManchas. Hoping to more thoroughly update the website to showcase what is available, but the basic list is below.
It should be noted that by "phasing out," we are offering goats for sale that we had intended to keep and are not compromising on price. Older animals are staying and will likely continue to be bred with all kids to be sold.

Nigerian Dwarf:
-$350 buck kid born 5/15/16, Levi x CH Apricot (pedigree)
-yearling buck, White Rock Farm Levi (J-Nels L Sir Lancelot x White Rock Farm B Chloe)(ADGA Genetics)

-$150 elf-eared F4 buck kid (EX due to ears, reduced price), Famous Amos x Erin
-$400 (sale pending) gopher-eared F4 doe kid, Famous Amos x Erin
-$250 elf-eared F2 doe kids (twins), Famous Amos x Hope
-$450 elf-eared F4 yearling does, Famous Amos x Erin
-$250 gopher-eared F4 dry 2yo, White Rock Farm FA Demi (Famous Amos x Chunk)
-$300 elf-eared F2 dry 3yo, White Rock Farm BN Hailey
-$300 elf-eared F3 dry 3yo, White Rock Farm SuperFudgeChunk

-$400 F1 dry yearling, White Rock Farm SL Vanessa (J-Nels L Sir Lancelot *Bx White Rock Farm D Valerica)
-$250 F2 dry 2yo, Doomsday x Marie Curie

Boer goats:
2015 kids are already gone. No adults for sale. If you want kids next year, you'll need to let us know by February- everything goes really quickly. .

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