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We bring in new genetics mostly through bucks these days. When selecting a buck, we choose solely based on the goals for our herd and what needs to happen next to reach those goals. These are outlined on the doe page.

DOB 4/13/12; 100%, CODI/PCI; Traditional
Extended Pedigree
         SS: BZ1 Renoir's CODI *Ennobled
Sire: 1MCB Ren's Nick *Ennobled
         SD: 5CG Bo's Anna

         DS: JAG2 CODI Sky King SA
Dam: JAG2 CODI Fiona SA
         DD: JAG2 CODI Cheyenne SA

  RGIII was picked because at the time we were buck-searching, we most needed kids with more leg and overall thickness. However, we also didn't want to give up the quality of feet & legs that currently exists in the herd. Combining those two needs was harder than expected. Eventually we found the Giezentanner herd in Tennessee. The CODI/PCI aspect has always fascinated us and is somewhat of a bonus.
  When we drove to pick up RGIII, we weren't worried about him jumping over the back ramp on the horse trailer. The thought process was that if only a few of the more athletic-looking dairy goat kids have attempted it, why would a 6 month old Boer buck of such size succeed? Naturally, we were wrong, and with just a few feet to get a running start, he cleared the ~4'6" ramp easily as soon as he got in.
  As expected, RGIII has added a ton of leg to this year's kids. They're bigger and grow faster than kids in previous years, and put on muscle more easily. More notable is the increase in depth of twist. He got to work as soon as he arrived, but still too late for anybody around here to feel comfortable taking any as market kids. The RGIII buck kids still finished around the ideal 85 lbs in fair season- just as good as the kids 2 months older, and way prettier than most. Next year's babies will be early enough to sell and do great!

Briarwood Farm's Phoenix
DOB 2/2/08; 97%; Red paint
Extended Pedigree
         SS: Certified Boer Capra R03
Sire: Riverdale Boer Goats RBG Red
         SD: IRF Las Vegas

         DS: SFF Southfork Samuel
Dam: BBRF T258 Lirin
         DD: BBRF P88

  This buck added lots of width to the herd. Favorite daughter at this point has been Georgie.

Briarwood Farms Ramses
DOB 3/10/05; Full Blood Boer; Correct coloring, red head w/stripe
Extended Pedigree
         SS: Dixon's BGF Tuffy
Sire: Sterling Farms Nike
         SD: Sterling Farms Cocoa

         DS: LSJM Turbo
Dam: BBRF R94 Lady Odette
         DD: BBRF M07
  Ramses has been a wonderful producer for us. He consistently throws width & length, and good pasterns.

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